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Sorry about that, Chief…

Posted by Keen Observer on July 16, 2012

Well, I certainly didn’t intend for my writing to lapse as it has.   For those readers who actually pass through either randomly or hoping for something new, I’m sorry about that.  This is just a quick update post, but I have a draft I haven’t worked on since May 30 that needs some polish or revision before it shows up here.

Reason for absence?  Life gets shitty and gets in the way.  My ex and I listed our house in March, and we had one offer after a couple weeks that in retrospect we should’ve taken.  It probably would’ve saved us a good $8000 on an already large financial loss (leaving aside the personal travails).  Instead, we couldn’t agree with the guy making the offer, and the offer lapsed.  The next one didn’t come until mid-May, and it was a bullshit hassle from the word “Go”.  Long story short, we eventually sold it, and the sale closed June 30.  So I’ve been a bit busy getting shit done and being run off my feet, both for moving etc, and at work.

The primary upside is an influx of cash.  Not even as much as I contributed to the down payment, but life sucks all over.  It is, however, enough for a “dream” vacation I’m taking next month that will hopefully give me some distance and closure from all these recent events. I may even blog about it.  Naturally, in a way that isn’t personally identifiable here.  The secondary upside to the move is that I’m a lot closer to downtown/work than I used to be.  Of course, the bus isn’t quite as convenient, but it’s a net time-saver most days.

To be honest, between that and other minor things, I just didn’t deem writing here to be as important.  So, I just wanted to state that I haven’t given up on this thing, but I’m still getting my life a bit sorted out with work yet to do.  I promise that my next meandering post will have more meat to it, so if you do pop by occasionally, don’t give up on me quite yet!  I’m not quite dead:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGFXGwHsD_A


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