I Call Bravo Sierra

Common sense isn't very common.


All opinions, unless otherwise indicated, are my own and no one else’s.  Except in comments.  Those you can blame on other people and not me.

I retain copyright for everything I write here, except as outlined in the WordPress terms of service.  The obvious exceptions are in material I have quoted or referenced and the material written by commenters.  If, however, you choose to comment, you give me the non-exclusive right to use your comment(s) within my blog(s) and to promote my blog(s) without limitation or liability.  Your comments are also, I think, governed by the WordPress terms of service.

I promise to try my best to cite sources.  I may miss from time to time and would appreciate if errors or omissions can be pointed out to me, once I open comments.

If commenting, try to be civil.  No one appreciates being yelled at or having similar behaviour thrown at them, and that works against you, if you’re trying to make a point.  I’m not going to tell you to watch your language, but I will tell you not to be abusive for the sake of it.  If you’re going to call someone a dumb-ass (especially me), at least try to say why…and BACK IT UP with some sort of contrary evidence. In return I promise to try to be civil with others here, although I may slip.  If I can’t say anything nice, then I probably won’t say anything at all, but that doesn’t mean I concede defeat.

I am also the arbiter of all comments on this blog, since I’m ultimately responsible for the content.  If I think you’ve gone over the line, I’ll delete the comment, but I’m pretty open-minded.  If somebody complains through WordPress, I may have no choice.  If I remember having to delete someone’s comment three times, I’ll probably just ban you (in my inexperience, I’m not even sure if that’s possible).  I reserve the right to close comments on any thread at any time for any reason.  I reserve the right to close comments on everything, if I decide no one has anything intelligent to add.

I am going to post some links as I come across them.  PLEASE take the time to read the information on the Logical Fallacies pages.  I accidentally use some of these from time to time despite my best efforts, but I see a huge number of other writers and commenters using these to forward an argument, straw men especially.  I urge you to read about them, so that you learn how not to use them in a discussion.  Especially ad hominem attacks.  Those lead nowhere but to flame wars.

Other notices will likely be added here from time to time, at highly-irregular intervals.  Stay tuned.

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