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Fight for the Poppy

Posted by Keen Observer on October 31, 2008

I had wondered what my first actual post (not the introduction) would be about.  Originally, I thought it might be about some election bullshit, either here or south of the border, or maybe something about the economy meltdown.  Instead, I find myself saying WTF about this.  It’s a short article from CJAD talk radio in Montréal, but it didn’t take much to turn my stomach.  I hope it does yours.

I have never served on active duty in the military, but I have family who did and have the utmost respect for those who do.  I have even more respect for those who fought or served in World War II.  The war ended in 1945, but Canadians still fight and die abroad.  That war ended 63 years ago, and most people born since then (of which I am one) have little knowledge of the events of the day, of the sacrifices and dangers, or of how close the Axis came to winning everything.  This store’s rejection seems to me to be yet another example of forgetting or ignoring the lessons of the past, because it’s inconvenient in the modern world, because it might cost them money.  It costs nothing to let the Legion into the store and sell poppies, and it’s a PR win (as opposed to this loss).

On the managers of the Kemptville, Ontario, Metro Supermarket at Dollard & Newman, I call bullshit.  You gave the Legion written permission to be in your store on a poppy drive.  Honour your commitment to the veterans who have served Canada and continue to serve Canada in their advancing years.  Show some spine.   And show some respect.  Let these people into your store, and maybe you could learn some sorely-needed lessons in honour, courage, and respect.


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